School Policies

At Greenfields we regularly review our policies and procedures.

Attendance and Absence Policy (for more information click here)

Equality Information 2016 - 17 (for more information click here)

Single Equality Statement Scheme 2016 - 19

Pupil Premium (for more information click here)

Anti-Bullying Policy

Behaviour Policy

Child Protection Policy

E-Safety Policy

Overarching Safeguarding Policy

Restrictive Physical Intervention Policy

SEN Policy and Information Report (for more information click here)

Calculation Policy

SMSC Policy

Freedon of Information Policy

Collective Worship Policy

H & S policy

Privacy Notice

Offsite and Educational Visits Policy

Sex and Relationship Education Policy (SRE)

Best Value Statement

First Aid Policy

Charging, Letting, Remissions and Debt Recovery Policy

 Archived - Equality Procedures (for more information click here)

                 More Able and Higher Attainers Policy.  Our leaflet about this can be accessed here.


What to do when things don't go right

As in all schools, there may be times when parents feel the need to express a concern regarding an aspect of school life.  Our aim at Greenfields is to resolve these as quickly and effectively as possible and focus on resolution rather than blame.

The attached flowchart is a simple, practical framework for helping parents to share their concerns with staff or governors.

The Stages of Complaint Handling

Severe Weather Warning Procedure

We would like to take the opportunity to remind you of procedures and methods of communication in the event of a school closure.

Our main form of communication will be via our text messaging service, so please make sure we have your up to date mobile contact details.  We will endeavour to send a text message to parents by 8am.

We also use the following methods:

  1. *A message will be displayed on the Home page of this website.
  2. *School telephone: 01252 843822 and press 3 for a special message.
  3. Local radio stations:

96.4 Eagle Radio / County Sound

210 FM


BBC Surrey Radio

*Please be aware that these may be difficult for us to access in bad weather.

Please be aware that these messages may not be in place until approx. 8am and that it is important to listen to local radio for regular updates as in previous closures we have experienced difficulties with both telephone and internet access.

NOTE:  With heavy snow, our car park becomes impossible to use safely.  We urge you to try to walk your child to school during adverse conditions.  If you need to drive we would ask you to avoid the car park completely, find a safe place to park outside the school and walk the remainder of the way.