What we have been up to Year 5 2017

Space Dome Visit - Friday 3rd November

Today Year 5 were lucky enough to explore space in a visiting Space Dome. We got to look at the moon landings, visit each of the planets and even ride a roller coaster through Saturn's Rings! We got to speed up time and watch the changes of the Sun through the seasons and explored the International Space Station...even it's toilet! We learned lots to help our English, Maths and Science topics and had lots of fun while doing it.

Space Dome visit 1 Space Dome Visit 2

Harvest Assembly - St Johns Church 17th October

At year 5's Harvest festival, tourists were sent by Zolktron, their alien leader, to go to each planet to see which one would be good for Harvest. They ended up coming to earth last but decided to stay and Harvest there becasue it has fresh water. At the very end some children came up to talk about Water Aid, and the fact that some children don't have clean water. Some children evern stood at the door to collect money for the charity. The reason we went around the planets was because our topic is space. We really enjoyed it and we even wrote our own scripts.

By Ava Year 5

Harvest Assembly 1 Small

HArvest 2 SmallHArvest 3 SmallHArvest 4 SmallHArvest 5 Small


UFO Visit

When we came into school on the 19th September Mrs Clark seemed unsettled by some news she had heard, we got bustled into Flamingo class. Then we were told by Mr McLennan that something peculiar had happened in the dell overnight. We got to go out and have a look, it looked like a bomb and it was cornered off by police tape, it was very interesting. Miss Waldram, Mrs Clark and Mrs Gair had to change the English planning slightly so we could write a newspaper column about what happened for a local newspaper.

By Zack E and Miss Waldram

  UFO visit 1 Small UFO Visit 2 Small UFO Visit 3 Small